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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Launch in September, 2017 - Gabby - 06-24-2017

It seems that Samsung has gradually surpassed the crisis of Galaxy Note 7, and this is mainly due to the right decisions such as the launch of the Galaxy S8, which has been very well received by consumers. But now the time has come to see what we have prepared for the next generation of the Galaxy Note family.

Today Evan Blass, better known as @Evleaks, has released the first details of the next Galaxy Note 8, and knowing its almost perfect record in leaks is important to pay attention to what Samsung could present in the coming months.

Infinity display with 6.3 inches

According to Blass, the Galaxy Note 8 will adopt many of the features of its brother S8 as the screen Infinity display with double lateral curvature, the detail is that this would be 6.3 inches but maintaining a size very similar to the Galaxy S8 +. This screen would maintain the AMOLED panel and the aspect ratio 18.5:9.

Samsung wants the note family to continue to have aspects that separate it from the Galaxy S family, so even if a similar aspect remains, it would have characteristics that differentiate it from their siblings. For example, the note 8 would have 12-megapixel dual camera configuration with optical stabilization.

These cameras would be located horizontally to the left of the flash, while the fingerprint sensor would be located to the right of the flash in the same plane as the camera lenses, which is expected to solve a little confusion created in the S8. Of course, there is also the theme of the S-pen, which would come with new functions to take advantage of the format of the device.

As for the internal components, The Note 8 would maintain the same processors, Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, but would give a jump in RAM to the 8 GB. On the other hand, the battery would have a capacity of 3300 mh, which at first glance does not seem an important update, something that may have to do with what happened with the previous generation.

Also, both the personal assistant Bixby and the desktop functions would be incorporated through Dex. According to the information, the Galaxy Note would go on sale during September, in time to face the arrival of the new iPhone, and would do so for a price of 999 euros, which will also serve to focus on a more ' premium ' market type.